Sunday, November 15, 2009

Still reproduced bugs in jdeveloper patch 1

Yet there are still a lot of bugs that can reproduced in jdeveloper

Those bugs are:

Attribute Validation on Input List of Values attribute

Page Fragment Design view is messed up when using resource bundle

Workaround for Page Fragment Design view when using resource bundle

Number precision and scale bug

unexpected error on graph preview when security enabled

Tab selection and Enable User Customization on Session bug.

Unsaved changes uncommittedDataWarning bug

ExecuteEmptyRowSet and Range Paging.

LOV execute query many times ***Improved but not fixed

Range Paging in Master Detail bug.

Table Filter Bug

Af:Query bind variable bug

LOV view object Tuning: 'Only up to row number' bug

Returning from dialog to a page that has f:verbatim tag bug

Range paging and Table Selected Row Bugs
*** even though related metalink bug 8673654 is marked as fixed for this version

Partial Page Rendering ChangeEventPolicy="ppr" bug.

Performance Tuning, LOVs and Range Paging bug
*** now LOV with Range paging opens but when you return value you get exception.

ADF input list of values AutoSubmit bug.

Query Component Required Criterion bug ( r1 Bug)

Query Component Focus bug

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