Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Choice list and LOV in query criteria bug (Fixed in

We have a strange bug in our application.
When ever in query criteria we have choice list as first criterion and we have also input List of values in criteria then the input List of values does not return values.
When you open LOV and select a row the LOV closes automatically and value is not returned.

I managed to reproduce it in simple test case in HR schema with 1 choice list and 1 list of values:

The workaround is either not to use choice list as first criterion or not to have Input List of values field autosubmit = true.


Test Case:

Friday, July 9, 2010

Making View Criteria Case Insensitive.

When you create view criteria you can easily set in each string criterion if it should be Case sensitive or not by checking or unchecking 'Ignore Case'.

Yet the default view criteria used in LOVs or criteria of fields added in advanced search are always Case Sensitive and you cannot declaratively change that.

I found a realy old post of Steve Muench for similar case in very old release of jdeveloper

and managed with little changes to apply it in latest release also:

Now all view criteria for string fields are case insensitive.

Note that this implementation will override any criterion you have set as Case Sensitive.
You can add this code to your base view object so that all view objects work like that.

test case:

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Table input text resize while typing non latin characters/ output text not selectable

In af:table input fields have a nice animation while you type non latin characters.
As long as you type characters the width of the field becomes smaller:

I have tested with Greek and Turkish characters.
If you mouse over the field it returns to the correct width.

Is this a bug?

Also there is no way you can select a value from the output fields in order to copy it.

These are quite frustrating for the users

Test Case: