Friday, May 11, 2012

Cannot commit orddoc Attribute through jdbc datasource

This is a new issue in JDeveloper version :
After migrating adf application from jdeveloper to the uploading of files in an ORDDOC database field fails with error:
java.sql.SQLException: Undefined type
at oracle.jpub.runtime.Util._convertToOracle(
at oracle.jpub.runtime.Util.convertToOracle(
at oracle.jpub.runtime.MutableStruct.getDatumAttribute(
at oracle.jpub.runtime.MutableStruct.getDatumAttributes(
at oracle.jpub.runtime.MutableStruct.toDatum(

Defect 14058697 has been created  in oracle support

details in ADFEMG-22

At this time, disabling the wrapping seems to be the only viable option.
see Using Unwrapped Data Type Objects
We tested in test case and in our application and this workaround works.

Friday, May 4, 2012 adfemg updates

ADFEMG-19 Combo Box not supported for ADF Faces?
lodged ER 14034162.

ADFEMG-20 ListOfValuesModelImpl : No row found for rowKey.
 new bug in jdeveloper, bug 14034129 logged and Fix scheduled

ADFEMG-14Input List Of Values, autosuggest behavior
9316480 is lodged and Workaround suggestions are posted.