Thursday, April 5, 2012

Input List Of Values, autosuggest behavior

By default when you type a value in an input list of values the query is executed always with the LIKE operator.

This is very annoying for users that do heads-down data entry.
Also if the field is a number executed query force full table scan causing performance issues.

We just need the option to disable auto-suggest behavior (on design time) so that the query is executed with '=' operator and the LOV does not open when the value entered is valid.

You can find the details in

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

ADF Code Corner OTN Harvest and ADF EMG project at

I would like to thank Frank Nimphius for asking and publishing my point of view for various ADF matters into OTN Harvest Summary of March 2012.
You can find this and other valuable material in Oracle ADF Code Corner.
There is also a new promissing initiative by Chris Muir and Frank Nimphius by creating an ADF EMG project at There is an issue tracking jira project there for keeping track of adf issues.
I will try to contribute to this effort by posting bugs there and just a reference summary to this blog.
I will try to find other inderesting roots for this blog.