Thursday, July 30, 2009

Range paging and Table Selected Row Bugs

In a default view object and default table in panel collection, when you scroll down and select a row and for any reason the table is submitted (button, reorder columns, detach), then the table returns to the first displayed page and the selected row was not visible.
But you could fix that if in the table properties you set displayRow="selected".
Except form the detach button that still reset the visible range to the start.

Bug1 :Yet when you set Range paging for tuning the view object the displayed (selected) row is lost many times (not always) when you submit page.

Bug2 :Also some times the selection listener of the table does not work and when you submit the previus selected row is selected

Bug3 : Last it seams that it execute many ranges in the query, not only when you scroll down, but also when you select a row.

So is this a bug?
or we should not use Range Paging in view objects used in table?

Test Case:

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  1. Issues 1 and 2 above are reported in bug# 8673654
    Issue 3 needs further investigating.