Friday, July 17, 2009

LOVs Dont return Values when there is any validation error on page

On the same application bellow i try to create a new Employee so i press new.

i enter employeeId and EmployeeNam and i press Apply.
Validation Errors fire since i havent filled all required fields.

then i try to select from LOV a Department. but there is no way.
Even though the LOV open, it does not return a value and it doesnt close unless i press the cancel button.

I can only return values from LOV when there is no validation errors on page.

Is this working as expected?

When i have more than 1 lov with validation errors then i have to click on all LOVs for all validations to be fixed before i can return values from LOVs.

Is this a bug?
is there a workaround?


  1. This was reported as bug# 8351834. It has been fixed in a build after the production release. I suggest contacting worldwide support to request a backport.