Thursday, July 2, 2009

Query Component validations bug

So I installed Jdeveloper new release yesterday
I created Default Business Components from test HR schema
In the EmplyeesView I created View Criteria for 2 attributes:
HireDate and Salary

Finally I created a default search panel with result table.
So I run it and tried to use it
I am a bad user so I put wrong format for the HireDate and not a number for Salary
I press search and logically I had validation errors.
So I pressed reset thinking that it will clear the values to put new...
but still validations fire... no reset is executed

I thought I need to look at the manual. There must be a way to clear criteria when I have invalid values.... but no luck.
So is this a bug?
Is there a workaround?
If there is a workaround is this still a bug?
Will Oracle fix it?


  1. Don't be such a smart user, go and clear those invalid values, for God's Sake. Don't bother master Oracle with such minor requests, don't forget Oracle Fusion is the Foundation for Innovation.

    So, keep posting new bugs ;)


  2. Yea, blame the user :).
    Yea, master Oracle leave end users to us