Sunday, July 12, 2009

ADF input list of values AutoSubmit bug.

So lets see in the same application the bugs in LOV.

As default LOV has AutoSubmit=false
Yet when you select a value from the from department LOV the department name changes automatically.
Thats strange since LOV return only department id and no partial trigger from department id to department name exist.
Yet if you change the value by typing the description is not updated.
If you put an invalid value by hand then a validation error is shown when you submit page

So I put AutoSubmit=true to department id and partial trigger in department name hopping to have same behavior when I type value in LOV field.
Then when I put an invalid value the LOV automatically pop up. No validation error is shown. If I press cancel, still no validation error. Only when I submit the page the validation appear
If I type a valid value in department then 'usually' the LOV does not pop up. I say 'usually' because if the valid value start with the same value of other valid values then the LOV stills pop up. If I press cancel on LOV then Department Name is not updated.

An other strange thing is that when I press a valid value and press tab to go to next field the focus remains in the LOV field.
So is it only me that finds this behavior wrong?
Should we consider this Buggy behavior or for some reason I don't understand its a feature?


  1. I downloaded your app above and turned off autosubmit in the testform.jspx for deptid, and turned off partialTrigger in deptname and I don't see the behavior you say above. It seems to work as expected. Could you try?

  2. This is the first thing i tried as i say in the post above. but then when you change deptId by typing (not by selecting from LOV) then you dont get the deptname updated.

    You also suggested to have autosubmit=true in the other post about cascading LOVs.

    it seems like we have a cyrcular dependency here.

  3. hi...i'm facing the same problem...
    do you have any solution for that??

  4. Where can I download this source code? Thanks

  5. Same problem with new version, you get a solution?

  6. same issue with me in tabbing on valid value remains inthe same comp