Monday, July 13, 2009

JDeveloper 11 r1 migration bug

In jdeveloper before release 1 when you where using bind values in LOVs in the accessor there was a checkbox 'Row level bind variable'
you had to check that in input List of values fields but to uncheck it if the LOV was used in the view criteria.
Ofcourse that caused problems if the same attribute was used in query and in results.
So i was happy to see that it is removed.
But if you check the xml, the code is still there.

but the value is set by default to true.
But when we migrated the application to release 1 it didnt change the value to true. it remained 'false' causing a lot of problems in cascading LOVs

So i suggest you change manual all RowLevelBinds="true"


  1. If you have a testcase of an application which ran into a problem upon migration to R1 ( please email it to me so I can file a bug. (


  2. Thanks Steve,
    Since i had a reply on the oracle forums post
    saying that the migration is correct not to change RowLevelBinds to "true" i will post and upload a test case of bugs in cascading LOVs, no mater what the value of RowLevelBinds is.