Saturday, July 4, 2009

Query Component Focus bug

You can say that I am strange or whatever but imagine if users ask that query criteria should have focus when you enter the page...
I could say that its a detail... that its not so important...
But they will reply that every search engine in the world has initial focus. Imagine if in Google or youtube you should click in search field to search something...
So I try to do it.
There is a property in af:document for initialFocusId so I set it to Query component since I can't get inside.

But still I am many tabs away of focusing the first criterion.
So I tried to remove components above the criteria like:
No Match All – Any

remove save
put mode to footer
but I just managed to be 1 tab away from criteria

The only way I could do it is by using simple mode for Query component

So is this a bug?
Or should I chose between focus and advanced search?

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