Monday, October 5, 2009

unexpected error on graph preview when security enabled

I was trying to create graphs in a demo application with good results.
Jdeveloper 11 graphs are realy cool
Yet when i tried to put 1 in my application i got the known following error everytime i tried to preview graph in graph wisard.

i thought it was the selected data but, when i run application it seems ok

When i look at the messages tab of jdeveloper i see:

Caused by: The realm does not exist. at at at at ... 60 more

So it had to do with security.

I enabled security in demo application and i have the same error again when i try to preview any graph from the wisard.

Is this a bug?

Test case:

user: tester

psw: welcome1

1 comment:

  1. in it does not throw exception but preview graph in graph wisard still does not work when security is enabled