Tuesday, October 13, 2009

No inconsistency check after any Exception during posting data

During working on previous bug I found out that after any exception while posting Entity Data, inconsistency is not checked again.

Normally if 2 users query same row and change it then the user that commits last will get RowInconsistentException (JBO-25014)

But if second user get any exception while posting i.e. Foreign Key constraint exception, and then he correct it and commit again then he never gets a RowInconsistentException (JBO-25014)

To reproduce it in test case do the following

Run application and for ManagerId of department put an number that does not exist. Try to commit and you get constraint exception.

Open new instance of application and change anything and commit.

Go back to the first application correct the ManagerId to a valid value and commit.
You don’t get any RowInconsistentException

Is this a bug?

test case:


  1. This is fixed in jdeveloper . Now inconsistency exception is thrown before any constraint exception

  2. Hi,
    I'm also facing the same issue "Another user has changed the row with primary key" and I'm using Jdev version. How to fix it?