Sunday, October 25, 2009

Page Fragment Design view is messed up when using resource bundle

Design view of pages in jdeveloper is very usefull to find and layout components.

Yet in page fragments the Design layout is messed up when you use resource bundle for texts.

In the test case i created a simple page fragment with oracle default template and added 2 panel boxes:

but if i try to Select Text Resourse for Panel Box Title, the design view of the fragment is messed up.

You cant work any more in design view.
When you run application it looks ok, but not having a design view in fragments is quite a problem.
If i remove c:set component from the fragment then the Design view is fixed, but the text from bundles does not show in run time.
Is this a bug?

Test case:


  1. I dont think its the case, because for me text resource works perfectly in Fragments. Please be more specific, users can understand they cant use Text Resources in fragments, which is not true.


  2. Could you please open my test case in jdeveloper and tell me what i have done wrong?

    Or could you please send me a test case that what i have described does not apply?

  3. Text resources work fine AT RUNTIME of course. The problem occurs AT DESIGN TIME. If someone knows a workaround for that I would be glad to know about it as well.

    BTW: Another related "bug"(+solution) with text resources is described here:

  4. Why you think its ADF bug? It can be c:set tag bug, which is not from af: (ADF) family ;)

    Can you point me to Oracle documentation, where they say, you can use "-" in bundle names. Its not described, means not guaranteed it should work.


  5. Thanks for verification Andreas.

    I believe that as important it is to know the capabilities of the tools you are working on, even more important it is to know the limitations.
    This way you can design limitations out, you don’t loose time searching what you did wrong and you help to improve the tools

  6. @Andrejus: I do not think it is an ADF bug. Note that I have written "bug";-) But it would be less painfull for developers if the usage of "-" in project names would be prevented for example or the generated code for the resource bundle inclusion in JSPs would be adopted to myappWebui instead of myapp-webui.

    Back to the main problem in this posts: Are there any workarounds for the "messed up design view in jsffs"? For now I am temp. commenting out the c-Tag: lt!--c:set var="uiBundle" value="#{adfBundle['']}"/--gt for the design view to work. But it is not really user friendly....


  7. Workaround found and posted in the next post :

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