Tuesday, August 4, 2009

LOV view object Tuning: 'Only up to row number' bug (Fixed in

Since we can not use Range paging on LOVs for performance Tuning due to bug 8722958 :

I try the 'Only up to row Number' option in a simple employees form with Input List of values for DepartmentId.

so when i open the LOV only 10 rows apear:

Bug1: if i try to type number 110 that is a valid value but does not exist in the range, the value just disapear without even opening the LOV.

Bug2: If i type the number 20 then since both 20 and 200 exist it opens the LOV to select 1. but if i select cancel and after that i type the number 200 the value is set back to 20 and i get a stange error:

Is this a bug?
Or we should not use Tuning: 'Only up to row number' for LOV view objects?

Test case:

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