Saturday, August 8, 2009

Page with Region Validations bug

In the same test case of previus post i put commit actions.

I noticed that if i have a validation errors in region i cannot submit or commit page.

In the contrary if i have validations on page i can do submit and commit on retion.

These problems are easily fixed if you put partial trigger in page components from region

But even though validations fire, if i dont have validation errors when i commit the region also the page changes are commited. but the page does not know it. The commit button is not becoming disabled.

In order to be more obvious i also added a field from Jobs in the main page.
Then if i change value in the region and press commit in the region the value is returned to the value of the main page.

Is this a bug?

If not, how can i refresh data of main page when i make a change in the region?


  1. Filed bug# 8822412 for the Auto-PPR failure to update the JobTitle field in the outer page. Verified that the update happens correctly in our release in development, so this issue has been fixed since the release shipped.