Tuesday, November 10, 2009

returnListener from dialog page not invoke when pressing x button

In a button that opens an other page as dialog if you define a returnListener method in managed bean then when you return form dialog page by a button that has af:returnActionListener then it works fine.

But if you close the dialog page with explorer x button then return listener is not invoked!

i also noticed a worning in log:

WARNING: The application is running with the new window detect flag off. It is highly recommended that this flag be turned on to ensure proper functioning of your application when new browser windows are launched. In web.xml set the context parameter oracle.adf.view.rich.newWindowDetect.OPTIONS to 'on'.

But even when i did that there was no difference appart from no worning.

Is this a bug?

How can we ensure that when a dialog closes (no matter how) a method will be executed?

Test case:

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