Friday, November 6, 2009

Attribute Validation on Input List of Values attribute

If you have an attribute validation in an Entity Attribute that is used in a view object as Input List of values then validation does not work correctly.

For testing i added a simple validation in departmentId of Employees Entity that it should be less than 100:

I set departmentId as Input List of values and autosubmit.
When I run the page and i select an invalid department then the value is not set to the field and i have no validation Error

So in the page it looks that nothing have changed. But if i submit the page, the invalid value appears in department and the error message also.

So is this a bug?

The workaround we are using is to filter LOV to show only valid values to select, or to override the setter of the entity, which i do not consider as a good practice.

test case:

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