Monday, November 30, 2009

Issues after migrating our application from jdeveloper to

1. In windows XP pro, when the integrated weblogic is running we get the following exception about adrci.exe . Yet after that everything seems to be working ok.

2. We call many task Flows by url, in order to open them in new window. After migration they gave 403 error.

There is a new property added in Task Flows definition URL invoke that we needed to set it to url-invoke-allowed in all task flows called like that.

The only documentation I found about that is in

15.6.4 How to Call a Bounded Task Flow Using a URL

…The default value (calculated) allows a URL to invoke the bounded task flow if the bounded task flow does not specify an initializer and it has a view activity as its default activity. If the bounded task flow does not meet these conditions, a HTTP 403 status code is returned…

Yet even though we had no initializer and we had default activity we still got HTTP 403 and had to change to url-invoke-allowed

3. We have many tables that have check box based on a view object Boolean attribute. After migration the attribute value was always set to null no matter checked or unchecked.

The workaround was to remove in view objects from those attributes the control type ‘check box’ as Tilemahos in oracle forums found

Test case