Friday, January 28, 2011

Still reproduced bugs in jdeveloper

The most important bugs in my opinion that still reproduce in latest version of jdeveloper are:

Rollback does not refresh current row of af:table after validation errors.

Custom Attribute Validation on LOVs

Number precision and scale

Range paging and Table Selected Row Bugs

Tab selection and Enable User Customization on Session bug.

ExecuteEmptyRowSet and Range Paging.

Partial Page Rendering ChangeEventPolicy="ppr" bug.


  1. Hi Michael

    Thanks for following up on checking all these bugs, I appreciate your efforts.

    Hopefully you read the recent ADF EMG post where we've started a sticky-thread for members to post official bugs and ERs lodged with Oracle Support. The intention is to not replace your great efforts on your blog, but rather give somebody like yourself the opportunity to "advertise" the bugs you've found to the 500+ members instantaneously. You can find more out about the ADF EMG effort here:

    Of course absolutely no pressure for you to do so, but it would be great to have your participation, and we hope the service will assist others out there to know about critical errors they need to avoid.



  2. Thanks Chris i will for sure check that.

  3. How about

  4. I will check as soon as i find some time.