Friday, February 11, 2011

Jdeveloper is Ready

On the first release of jdeveloper 11, I had made a post that jdeveloper is not ready.

After 4 patches I feel now that jdeveloper and ADF is ready to use for development of large scale enterprise applications.

The basic bugs have been minimized and the IDE have been stabilized.

We migrated the 46000 files (1GB) adf application to without any serious issue apart from fixing the jazn-data.xml according to note 1288757.1 - Policy Migration of the "jazn-data.xml" File Fails Silently in JDeveloper

We are also working now with java 64 bit on windows and set the following configuration :

Set in jdev.conf file (in $Middleware_Home$\jdeveloper\jdev\bin) depending on java installation path:
SetJavaHome D:\Java64\jdk1.6.0_23
AddVMOption -XX:MaxPermSize=1024M

Set in ide.conf file (in $Middleware_Home$\jdeveloper\ide\bin) depending on the available memory:

AddVMOption -Xmx2048M

AddVMOption -Xms512M

The low memory messages have been minimized.

I would like to congratulate the jdeveloper team for their work and wish the best for the future.


  1. I have tried setting the configuration files as you say (except for the 64 bits Java Home), and when I run JDeveloper I get an error telling me that it cannot create an instance of the JVM. The maximum values I can handle are:


    How do you manage to set so much memory to the JVM? I am using Windows XP 64 bits and I have 4 GB of RAM. Thanks!

  2. Hey I am facing issue with ADF security when migrating from to . Can you provide me the place where I can find the document you are referring to" note 1288757.1"

  3. Jordi
    32 bit java cannot see more memory
    you need 64 bit to increase memory

    You can find note 1288757.1 in
    It is things like duplicate permissions or grant without grantee in jazn-data.xml that you need to clear in order to work

  4. Hi,

    I try too change the values in ide.conf without any effect. After looking for "ide.conf" in "Help"-->"About"-->"Properties" in JDEVADF_11. I see that the "ide.conf" is pointing too jdev.conf too. I can not remember the setting to have changed.

    Points the "ide.conf" in your jdeveloper-version to $Middleware_Home$\jdeveloper\ide\bin?

    best regards


  5. hi Michael Koniotakis

    Given your comment "... I feel now that jdeveloper and ADF is ready ... The basic bugs have been minimized ...", I take it that you somehow don't run into behaviour like I describe in the forum thread "repeated rows resulting from executeWithParams on query with bind variable"

    Jan Vervecken

  6. Thanks Michael, I will try the 64 bits JVM.

  7. Hello 'Anonymous' Jan.

    Indeed the issue you describe is quite serious
    And indeed I have not come across this, since we don’t use ExecuteWithParams method. We usually use af:Query.

    I am not saying it is bug free, just that 80% of the issues I have come across are resolved.

  8. For running JDeveloper in 64bits check

  9. Hi,
    You wrote :

    "After 4 patches I feel now that jdeveloper and ADF is ready to use for development of large scale enterprise applications."

    - I need advice, what do you think, are JDev is ready for developing such kind of application ?

    Because just now, I need to decide, whether to start a brand new ADF application on, or stay with ?

    Thanks in advance,....

  10. is actually a preview release for jdeveloper 12c that is planed to be released late next year. It is not have full fusion release (no SOA, BPM , UCM, WC) and i feel is not stable for production applications.

  11. Thanks for response !

    Actually, we decided to develop new app under JDev, and I am glad to see that we made a good the meantime, we downgrade to jdev, because of some strange bugs in JDev

    Regards, Cvele