Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Rollback does not refresh current row of af:table after validation errors.

In a simple af:table if you select a row and press CreateInsert then new row is created with focus above the selected row.

If you press Rollback then the selected row is by default the first row of the table.

This works fine.

Yet if before rollback you have validation errors (i.e. After creating a row, navigate to an other row), then rollback does not make the first row selected.

Selected row on table remains the last selected row even if the current row of view object is the first row.
If you press now CreateInsert, the new row is created as first row of table and it does not even have the focus.

If you click now on the empty row then you will get again the validation errors.

Is this a bug?

Test case.

Still Reproduce in jdeveloper11.1.2
SR 3-2391480761 and defect was posted for this yet it is Rejected by development team as:
Our Development team has marked this as expected behaviour and therefore it will not be fixed in the future either - at least not for now.


  1. No , Not a bug. we need to make immediate true for rollback button.

  2. The Rollback button on the above test case is immediate true. To repdoduce:
    1. select a row (not the first)
    2. Press CreateInsert
    3. Press commit for validation errors to show.
    4. Press Rollback (new row is removed but first row is not selected)

  3. This seems to be an Internet Explorer 7 issue. It works fine in IE8 and firefox

  4. Thanks ,So still it is there on 11.4 :)