Saturday, January 22, 2011

Jdeveloper resolved bugs

I went through the bugs posted here and tried to reproduce them in new release of jdeveloper patch set 3.
It seems many of them are resolved since I cannot reproduce them in the specific test chases. Those are:

Choice List Loose value in disclosed af:Query

LOVs does not reset criteria values. Yet there is a new issue that second time you open LOV it displays same amount of rows as the first search but different.

Activation creates duplicate row when primary key is populated through DB sequence

Passivation - Activation looses data of Subclassed Entities (Dimitris Stasinopoylos blog)

Choice list and LOV in query criteria bug

Range paging in LOVs throw SQL exception with specific steps

Choise list and checkboxes in popup turn to null after submit

Single Row LOV in Query Criteria cannot clear value

User not populated to model and history collumns

Composition Association and Locking

Bind Variable and View Criteria in view with range paging bug

Removing a LOV return value leaves garbage in view object

Auto Submit does not set the value in bindings if you navigate with mouse

Many Thanks to Oracle Developmnet team.

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