Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Single Row LOV in Query Criteria Bug (Fixed in

When List of values has only 1 row then in query criteria you cannot set input to null after the first time you set a value.

To reproduce in the test case of Employees with Departments LOV i set where clause of DepartmentsView rownum=1.

I assign DepartmentsView as LOV in Employees.DepartmentId attribute and set it to autosubmit.

I put DepartmentId in query criteria of Employees.

I create a simple query panel with results table for Employees and i run application:

Steps to reproduce:
1. open DepartmentId LOV and select value. press tab or search
2. delete value of DepartmentId and press tab or search
Result: value is not deleted from LOV field. and search still has the criterion.

Only way to make value null is to press reset button.

Is this a bug?

Test Case:

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