Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Access Keys are accessible even from a modal popup

When a popup is open in a page in default (modal) mode then the rest of the components of the page are not accessible with mouse, yet if buttons have Access keys they are still functional allowing the user to brake the functionality.

n the attached test case run testpopup page
Press Edit button to open popup
Press Alt+Shift+c access key of Commit button

Expected: Nothing should happen
Actual: Commit is performed and popup is closed.

Test case.

SR is posted for this and Bug 13338347: ACCESS KEYS SHOLD BE DISABLED BASED ON THE CONTEXT

Yet the Oracle development consider this as a Browser issue. 'The issue is not in the scope of the ADF Product as this is the feature of the browser. '

We are working on a workaround about this issue.
We are based on the fact that when a button is disabled then the access key is not functional.
So on popup FetchListeners we disable the buttons of the main page and on popupCancelListeners we enable buttons again.
It seems to work, yet we need to check any side effect and we need to implement it for all popups.

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  1. Hello.

    I have arrived to your blog from Gabriel Sidera`s blog.

    I have found an interesting bug related with class AFStretchWidth in control af:table with IE7.

    Please check it in: