Thursday, October 6, 2011

Pressing 'Tab' in LOV field new bug in jdeveloper

Trying to evaluate latest version of jdeveloper in order to migrate our applications that is still in i hit on the following bug.

While navigating through panel form fields with tab key, all validations of the page are thrown as if a full submit was performed.
This happens when you have input list of value field and the focus is on the field and you press tab key. The input list of value is autosubmit in order to refresh other fields

In the test case run testTab page and press CreateInsert button. Click on Department or Job List of value field and press Tab key. All validations of the page appear.
I also notice that errors appear in Greek even though my browser language is in English.

Test Case:

Bug 11939353 was already logged in oracle support which is fixed in a future release.

also in OTN Thread: Validation issue

According to this thread a workaround exist in Didier's blog:
How To Avoid The JBO-27014 Error During The AutoSubmit


  1. Hi,

    is the default setting in the adf-config.xml "changeEventPolicy="ppr""?

    We have a other error with this "shit" new default setting. For example: A page with a panelTabbed and two showDetailItems. In each showDetailItem we have a panelcollection and a table and a export-button (the normal filedownloadlistener). When we download the content of the table via the excel-export and changing the tab we get a exception. We opend a SR for this (the number is in the office) and the "workaround" is at the moment to set the "changeEventPolity" to "none"



  2. Update: See

  3. Where do you have partialTrigger. If you have it on panelFormLayout, then this will happen. If you want to refresh other required fields, try refreshing panelFormLayout programmatically under valueChangeListener of inputListOfValues.