Monday, May 16, 2011

Jdeveloper severe bug (Fixed in 11.1.2)

We started evaluating jdeveloper in order to see if and when we will use it.
When you press rollback and the page has a table with editable fields, all fields get the same values as the last row of the table.This is a really blocking issue in order to use the latest version
It seems the problem is in the immediate property of Rollback button

This is also in forums

Oracle have logged a bug 12551764 for it and an Alert in support
Note 1321896.1 - Regression: Rollback Button With Property immediate="true" Causes Replacing Existing Rows With Current One
since it is possibly going to affect all users of
Oracle is working on a patch for it.
I will do more investigation about the posted bugs here when this patch is ready


  1. That's a nice bug!!! And a good reason to stay with version I hope they solve it faster than they use to.

  2. Any updates on this bug?

  3. Hi,

    If you remove the ResetActionListener from Rollback button this bug don't happen.
    But I can't refresh the values of fields on editable table after rollback yet...


  4. Thanks man, I was driving myself crazy thinking I was doing something wrong.

    Any workaround discovered?

  5. There is a Oracle note and a patch released for this. I guess you can find it in oracle support. We still use and is around the corner