Friday, May 27, 2011

Combo box does not remember values in table

When you define a List of Values in a View object as Combo Box with List Of Values there is an option to define ‘Most Recently Used Count’

Where you, enter the number of items to display in the choice list when you want to provide a shortcut to the end user to display their most recent selections.

This is quite useful functionality and it work fine when the field is used in a panel form layout.

Yet when it is used in table then it does not work, no matter how many times you select a value it does not remember the previously added values.

Is this a bug?

Test case:

Still reproduce in jdeveloper 11.1.2

SR 3-3705906727 was posted for this.
Enchancement request that was created was rejected by Oracle development team.

=== ODM Answer ===

The MRUCount when the inputComboboxListOfValues is in a table won't work when ADF bindings are used:

The LOV bindings are created dynamically when used in a table and the "Most Recently Used Count" (MRU) feature is not enabled then.
MRU doesn't work in af:query too.

There is currently no plan to implement this feature in future releases.


  1. I found the same issue some time ago when testing this component, but I hadn't enough time to investigate further. I'm glad I'm not alone!

  2. Hi, any workaround on this issue?????....