Friday, September 24, 2010

Making View Criteria Case Insensitive and MDS

In a previous post i had posted a workaround about making view criteria case insensitive:
Yet this has 2 side effects.
  1. It makes values of criteria upercase.
  2. It brakes MDS save criteria functionality.

I found a simpler solution (workaround).
* Set the view criteria rows to use case-insensitive querying and
* uppercase any of the non-null query-by-example criteria provided.
private void doCaseInsensitiveOnStringsInViewCriteria() {
ViewCriteria[] vclist = getApplyViewCriterias(ViewCriteria.CRITERIA_MODE_QUERY);
if (vclist.length>0) {
for (ViewCriteria vc : vclist){
if (!vc.isUpperColumns())

protected void executeQueryForCollection(Object object, Object[] object2 int i) {
super.executeQueryForCollection(object, object2, i);
This code makes query criteria Case insensitive and also does not make values of criteria upercase.Yet it still brake MDS .
Sice we need this in LOV criteria that does not have Save search, we can prevent this code to execute in LOVs using :
if (this.getName().contains("LOCAL_VIEW_USAGE"))

Test case:

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