Monday, December 29, 2014

More than a year without a post.

I just realized than it’s been more than a year without a blog post.
No I haven’t stop working on fusion technology. It’s probably because I work more….
I have 5 versions of jdevelopers in my pc. One for each different project.

It’s a confusion to work on so many different versions of jdevelopers. There are differences in behavior and in design time that you need to cope with. So why do different projects need to be in different jdeveloper’s versions?

Mostly because older projects are in production and even though enhancements and second project phases are in development, the cost to migrate to newer jdeveloper versions is high.

Also jdeveloper versioning is a little confusing, since most 11.1.2.X versions are older than and 7 versions.
11.1.2.X versions were the first versions using JSF2 yet they don’t have SOA or BPM.
In my opinion 11.1.2.X versions should not have been used for live projects. If you check the quantity and quality of bugs fixed in the release notes of later versions you would agree.

Even jdeveloper 12 versions did not have SOA and BPM until the latest release 12.1.3 release on June 2014.
So it seems like a good time now to push our customers to 12c migration within 2015.

I wish you all a happy new year.

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