Sunday, June 26, 2011

Table Filter Number format bug

In a filterable table when we typed a number with decimals we got the following error:

It is an oracle database error that shows that the number entered in criteria is not converted correctly according to the locale of the database.
Same value in Search criteria works correctly.

So is this a bug?

Test case is on 11.1.2. It reproduce also in

I guess you need a database with different locale to reproduce (a locale that decimal ceparator is ',')


  1. Hi,
    I have already created bug 8367676 in year 2009 for this issue.
    This bug is not public --> I don't know the current status but I guess Oracle is not interested in supporting non-US countries :-(
    An related ER has been rejected.

  2. I've lost 5 hours of my life today because of this problem! Thanks for this post. Now I know I have to contact with Oracle instead of wasting more time.