Monday, June 21, 2010

Always run weblogic servers as Administrator

I spend all weekend trying to install SOA suite at home.
I have a new i7 pc with windows 7 and 4G ram.
After spending hours on installing:
-->11g database,
-->Repositories with rcu (failed the first time because of database parameters processes and open_cursors must be 500)
-->Java bridge
-->Lookback adapter.
-->Weblogic 10.3.3.
-->Application development runtime and
-->SOA Suite and patchset

I try to run admin server and I got many exceptions … class not found … invalid variables, deployments failed.

So I thought I did something wrong and I did the hall thing again (from the weblogic part). But still the same ??!!. Then it came to me…
I right click on Start Admin server and I choose run as Administrator… and eurica!! All went smoothly.

I used the same way to open cmd windows to run managed servers:
-->first soa_server took 20 minutes to deploy all applications
-->then bam_server
Everything worked fine now.

Yet the memory consumption of my pc went to 3GB, and everything was operating really slowly after that.

So I suggest… don’t try this at home…


  1. well i did all the same last week but actually with administrator account and all went smoothly but i agree dont try this at home :)

    weblogic with soa_server is memory beast and my 3 GB RAM Virtual machine on my macbook pro makes life difficult to learn

  2. Hi,

    I found little solution to save memory you can actuall merge all managed servers (soa, bam) into one Adminserver in a WLS Domain and it works great saves approx 1-2 GB RAM.

    here are the links of tutorials

    You may hit by some errors with the new domain so this might also help